Being called out of class
A joyous occasion for any child
who had done no wrong
Walking down the hallway
of orange brick and concrete
Pleased with myself
I had somehow cheated my way out

I am met with realization
Cast out in preservation
I watch as an outsider
as a boy struggles for breath

He had been in the hospital before
but he always came home

He always came home

They’re here
Why are they here
If only we were related

Guarded eyes
The quite ride
Not even the radio had words for me

A house next to a church
Stood guard
Warning all who entered
Turn back
There is still time
To perserve him
in your feigned ignorance

My mother and sister
The rushed embrace
As if I too would be snatched away
No words spoken
I already knew

Still the outsider
Exiled from myself
I watch as a family grieves
The last memory of that day