“Quit doing that.”

“Quit doing what?”

“Messing with the nats. Don’t do that.”

“Why do you care what I do to the nats? Are you not at least curious how they got here?”

“You know what happened on Breacher L13 and it is not my place to know or care for that matter. The officers know and the little ones serve their purpose or they would have been removed.”

“They just showed up one day. You’re not at least curious how they managed to build entire colonies before anyone realized we had an infestation. They’re everywhere I found some in the kitchen on the 4th engineering deck. That is just disgusting someone could have accidentally eaten one. They were really close to the food.”

“Look man just leave them alone. It’s something about how short their life spans are or something. It’s weird. One of the engineers tried to describe it to me when he was drunk. Exactly how an infestation managed to take down a Breacher. Just don’t mess with them. They could have diseases or something.”

“All I ever hear about is the Breacher this the Breacher that. I refuse to believe a colony of pests took down such a large mining vessel. The military is just covering something up with those rumors. They could have done a better job on the story since we continue to let the nats stay on the ships.”

“Look man you can’t get rid of them once your ship is infested. They multiply to fast. The only way even attempt to get rid of them is to dock your ship and open all the locks and sometimes that does not even work. It’s like some of them don’t need to breath. And, you know full well they lost control of that Breacher only after the crew started trying to clean out the nats. Other boats had problems with life support systems after attempting to get rid of them. It’s just bad luck to mess with the nats. Plus when is the last time you had to do a sweep for slugs.”

“Not since we noticed the nats.”

“That’s right. The nats will hunt down anything that is 10x their size are smaller. It’s great! Would you rather deal with slugs or nat colonies?”

“Nat colonies I guess”

“Great. So, please leave the nats alone.”

“C’mon man you can’t tell me you’re this superstitious of the nats.”

“Just leave them alone. C’mon we need to get back.”